Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2006 Christmas Yearly Update

Merry Christmas 2006!
Dear Family and Friends,
  We hope you have had a blessed 2006 and are looking forward to the New Year.  Our family welcomed our second son, Caleb Nicolas, on August 30th.  He was born two and a half weeks early, weighing 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 ½ inches long.  He has proven to be a little more of a difficult baby than his older brother was, but is getting a little easier now that we have gotten him on soy formula and acid reflux medication.  Now, at almost 4 months old, his little personality is starting to show.  His smiles and laughs are precious to see.  He is very social and loves cooing and talking to any friendly face who will listen.
  Ethan is doing a wonderful job in his new role as big brother.  He will turn 3 in February and has grown up a lot since Caleb came along.  He has adjusted well to not being the only one getting attention.  In fact, he often uses his little brother as an excuse to get some time alone.  He will tell Mommy and Daddy to “Go talk to Caleb.”  He started his second year of preschool at our church, which he attends two mornings a week.  He is quickly learning his numbers and letters.  Painting, coloring, reading, and singing are some of his favorite activities.  He also enjoys putting difficult puzzles together.  Playing with his character cars from the movie “Cars” can keep him busy for hours.  And Mom and Dad are particularly proud of the recent strides he has made in potty training over the last month.
  Scott continued his work this year as an inside salesman at Huttig Building Products, specializing in window sales.  He even took a part time second job two evenings a week to help pay for all of the formula and diaper costs that come along with a second child.  At home he spends most of his time being Daddy to Ethan and Caleb.  He still tries to fit in woodworking when he can and likes to keep up with all of the news on Star Wars, as he is a big fan and collector.
Jill started working a new part time job in accounting for Wolverine Coatings Corporation in April.  She took an eight week maternity leave after Caleb’s birth, and returned to work at the beginning of November.  She is enjoying working in a Christian business environment with a Christian boss, whom we knew previously from our Sunday School class at church.  Working part time is allowing her to spend more time being a mother to the boys, which she is extremely thankful for.  We are lucky to have Jill’s Mom watch the boys for us while Jill is at work.
Our family enjoyed several trips this year.  We went on a family vacation with all of Jill’s family to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina in July.  In October, Ethan and Caleb were privileged to go to Ohio and visit their great grandparents.  We also took a trip to Florida to visit Uncle Zach and Aunt Stacy in October.  We are hoping we may be able to make it to see Aunt Megan in Maryland in 2007!  We continue to enjoy having two sets of grandparents in the same town we live in.  Scott’s parents and Jill’s parents are an essential part of our boys’ lives, which we are so blessed by.
We hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas.  It is because of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, that we celebrate with you this season.  We pray you have a happy and healthy 2007.
With Love,
The Brisken Family
Scott, Jill, Ethan, and Caleb

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