Monday, September 22, 2008

North Myrtle Beach Weekend Trip

Our family and my parents were invited by our friends, the Wiley family, to go with them for the weekend to North Myrtle Beach. We went Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, and had a great time! From all the pictures we took, you would've thought we were there for an entire week! Ethan loved the beach, as always, even insisting to take his shirt off on the first day and play in the cold water and windy air, all the while shivering and turning blue! Caleb is not as much of a beach baby . . . the first day he sat in Mommy's lap most of the time at the beach. On Sunday it was much warmer though, and Caleb ventured out into the sand and ended up playing for about 2 hours in the sand and tidal pools. We were so glad to see him enjoying the beach finally! This gives us encouragement that he will enjoy it when we go again sometime for a whole week vacation. Ethan even tried boogie boarding with Daddy on Sunday, when the waves weren't as big as they were on Sunday. The videos are of Ethan and Daddy boogie boarding. All of the pictures from our trip can be viewed at
Thanks again Wiley family for such a nice weekend!

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  1. Our computer is going slow tonight, so I only got to loook at the first 20 pictures on your shutterfly site. My absolute favorites are of Ethan in picture 12 and 16. He is trying so hard to smile when he's cold! Love you guys! Stacy