Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our New Home Gym

Our newest project at our house, now that the drainage issues are hopefully finally over, is creating a home gym in our bonus room that is usable for Scott and I. (Sometimes the bonus room can quickly become the clutter room, and isn't very conducive to exercising!) We finally got it cleaned up enough that we can access all three of our exercise equipment machines - the treadmill, elliptical, and weight bench. I had been mostly running and walking outside when the weather was nice, but with it getting cooler out (like 75 some degrees today, I know still relatively warm!), I think we will use the machines inside more in the winter months. At least that is the trend I normally turn to when the weather gets colder. My goal is to get Scott involved with me this year! It really is the perfect solution because we can put the boys to bed and then both go up there together and work out, making it a fun couple activity with benefits of getting healthier and in shape! We decided tonight that we were in a challenge with each other to tone up and lose weight. Our college Homecoming at GWU is coming up at the end of October, so we both hope to be slimmer and trimmer by then!

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  1. wow jill I'm jealous of your cool workout gym! when Mike and I come and visit, we'll have to have some workout parties...hmm, yea I don't know about that :)....anyways, we might get to come visit for thanksgiving! i know it's kinda far away, but i am already looking forward to it.