Saturday, October 11, 2008

Star Wars Day

After Ethan's soccer game this morning, we took a break from the stress of figuring out glasses for the boys and went to a Star Wars Day at the Roper Mountain Science Center in Greenville. They had storm troopers and other characters from the 501st fan legion (quoted for me by Scott, because I didn't know they were called the 501st fan legion :-), as well as Star Wars exhibits on all the toys, old and new, set up around the center. There were other science things set up around, like a weather room, the human body etc, but we only had an hour there before it closed, so all of our time was focused on finding the Star Wars characters so Ethan could get his picture with them - Ethan's request (and Scott's too!). Ethan, Scott, and Caleb actually did get their picture made with a Storm Trooper that was supposed to be given to us, but the guy doing the pictures got them out of order and the printer he was using jammed up, so we never got the picture after waiting about 20 minutes for it! So, we quickly found some other characters walking around. I am told that the first character below is a Scout Trooper and the second character is an Imperial Guard. By the time we got these pictures, Caleb was way past his nap time and not picture cooperative. I was actually there too, but didn't get any pictures. I was just trying to keep track of all 3 of my guys amidst the crowds . . . who knew Star Wars was so popular? Well, I guess my hubby knew that! :-) It was a fun family day!

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  1. Trey would be so jealous if he saw this. I love how you used all of the correct names. When Trey starts talking different Comic, Star Wars, work, etc languages, I usually smile and nod. :)