Monday, January 19, 2009

We got a Wii!!!

After deciding we wanted to use some of our Christmas money on a Nintendo Wii a couple weeks ago, we couldn't find one anywhere! Online or in the stores were all sold out. But over this past weekend, while on a visit to our friends' house in Atlanta, we found a Wii at Costco (so, I had to get a Costco membership, but I know we'll use it)!! We are so excited. We stayed up until 3 am Sunday morning playing it with our friends, and there is still so much more to do. I love that it can be a family activity. Ethan loves the bowling and driving games so far. Even Caleb likes it! I'm sure I'll have pictures soon of us all playing it!!

In other news, Ethan and Caleb did redeem themselves from their last public appointment. Last Thursday they had their well visits, and both behaved well for being in there a total of 2 hours! I was still thankful to have my mom come with me and help out, but there were no tantrum outbursts like earlier in the week, thank goodness. Ethan was 36 lbs, in the 24% for weight and in the 52% for height (I don't remember their heights though). Caleb was 30 lbs, in the 60% for weight and in the 70% for height. All was well and healthy with both of them!

I don't have any recent pictures, but here are a few still from Christmas time that were on my parents' camera:

Ethan and Jill

Caleb and his Pig

My neice, Wendy (So cute in this picture!)


  1. Enjoy the Wii. We like ours and have found that Nintendo has a lot of family friendly games. Cute Christmas pics!