Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Eye Patches

Ethan and Caleb got their new eye patches to try with their glasses today. I had been putting it off until February to decide what I was going to do about their patches. After some research, we decided to go with some fleece cloth patches made custom for their glasses from They were a bit more expensive than some others we found on the internet, but I think they are worth it so far. They block all of their peripheral vision around the glasses, and the only way they can peek out of them is if they take their glasses off, making it easier to tell when they are not following directions and wearing them! Ethan picked out Lightening McQueen to go on his patch, and since Caleb wouldn't tell me which picture he wanted for his on the night I was ordering them, I just ordered him the same picture (less fights that way if everything is the same between them these days!). So, tonight they wore the patches for an hour straight. Ethan had worn his for a couple hours earlier in the afternoon with my mom while I was still at work. It took a little convincing to get them to put their glasses on with the patch on it, but after they did they seemed to leave them on without a problem. Tomorrow starts the challenge of getting them to wear the patch for 6 hours a day for 4 weeks. Wish us luck!
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