Monday, February 16, 2009

Visit to Stacy & Zach's House

The boys and I were able to go with my mom this weekend to visit at Stacy and Zach's house in Fredericksburg, VA. We missed Scott a lot, since he had to stay back and work on Friday and Monday, but we were glad we got to see some family. It was good to see my Dad, Stacy, Zach, Wendy, Megan, and Mike. The pictures above are some of my favorites from the weekend visit.

The video below is of Ethan and Caleb singing to Wendy to try to keep her from crying. I thought it was cute enough to take the extra time for it to download to my blog!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics Jill! Stace doesn't show Wendy off enough but I'm glad you are doing your auntly duty :) I hope the boys cooperate with their patches. It sounds like you're doing a great job, even if it's really tough sometimes.