Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prayer Request

Please keep us in your prayers . . . Scott was let go from his job on Friday. Some of you know more about how his work situation had been going for the past several months than others, but things had not been looking good in the building materials industry for quite a while now. Just like in many jobs in our economy today, they had already been trying to put two or three people's workloads on one person, and expect the same amount of work to be produced. Scott had been working 50 - 55 hour weeks minimum for the past several months, and was becoming quite weary. Still, it is never good news or expected news to be let go.

We are trying to have faith that God will provide a new opportunity for Scott that is better than the last. If any of you know of any openings or leads, please let us know. His experience for the past 8 years has been inside sales in the building materials industry. He is open to trying new things though, as we are most concerned about being able to continue to pay our bills each month and provide for our family.

Most of all, we just ask you to pray that God's will be done in this situation. We are thankful that we have been applying the principals from Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey for the past year to our lives, but as some of you know the steps in that program, we are still on the step of paying off debt, so do not have a large emergency fund for instances with no pay. We are hopeful that Scott will be able to get set up on a part time job through his old "2nd job" of working nights at Papa Johns Pizza to help tide us over in the meantime until more permanent work comes along.

Thank you so much for your prayers in advance.

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