Thursday, June 18, 2009

The reason I am just catching up on a lot of posts

The hard rains that caused the flooding . . . again!

The view out our back door, water covering the patio

Our patio under water

The side yard under water

. . . We had flooding again at our house last Thursday night from a bad storm. This time the water came into the toy room (completely covered the floor), the edge of the boys' bedroom, the back of the kitchen and the corner of the living room. Thankfully, my mom was home watching the boys right when the water surged in and was able to stop a lot of it with towels from completely covering every room. All of our drains we installed and ditches from last year in July worked good up until then. They were actually still working good as the water was shooting out of them like a fountain shooting in the air at the end of each, but the amount of water was just too, too much at one time for them to keep up. So, unfortunately Scott is working AGAIN on digging a deeper ditch between our house and the neighbor's house (where most of the water flows into our yard from poor grading on our builder's part years ago), and he'll have to widen and branch out the drains that we already have to handle more water flow. This will be a gradual week to week process . . . hopefully he can get a lot done before we go out of town over the 4th of July weekend, so we won't have to worry while we're gone. It's a terrible feeling to feel sick to your stomach every time it rains that your house is going to have water rising up into the floors! I wish we could move and ignore this problem, but that is not a reasonable option right now. So for now, we will deal.

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  1. Wow....I can't believe how much water is in your backyard! That really stinks you guys have had to continue to deal with this problem for so long. You guys are really persevering!!