Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reward Charts

Here are the new Reward Charts I made for Ethan and Caleb. Every once and a while I try out new things for motivation. We are trying to stay consistent with this one, as it seems to be helping behavior in the boys lately, and they are working for their stars. Anytime they do one of their chores from the "To Do" section, they move the card to the "Done" clip. Then at the end of the day we can see how many chores they've done, and move their magnetic clip marker that number of stars around the star path. They can also get more stars for anything we determine, like being good at their eye doctor appointment today earned them both 5 stars. They can also get stars taken away and have to go backwards on their star path for bad behavior. When they reach the big star at the end of the path, they get to choose a reward from the "Reward Choices" clip and put it in the "Rewards Earned" clip to turn in for use when we determine. Rewards are things such as, "Play a Wii Game of your Choice, Play a Board Game, Play Outside with your Favorite Toys, Movie Theater Night with Popcorn, etc," - anything I can think of that they enjoy. Things that don't cost money! And of course they are things that we often do anyway, but we make a big deal of them getting to use their "Reward Card" when we do the things they've earned. It seems to be working so far! Ethan is really into it . . . Caleb is still trying to get into the whole concept.

Then at night, we switch out the chore cards for our "Bedtime Routine." They can earn stars for completing the bedtime routine steps in a timely manner too. And at the end, they get to pick two options out of "Read Story, Rub Back, Rocking, or Have the Light on for 5 minutes." This seems to cut down on all the stalling of asking for each of these things after we've already said good night and turned the light off (which we've been having a lot of trouble with lately). Then once we're on the last step of "Lights Out", if they get out of bed, keep yelling for us to come back to their room, etc. then they lose stars too. So, we'll keep trying it and see if it keeps helping behavior and smooth out our bedtime routine!

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