Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ethan had a fever for about 36 hours over this past weekend.  Started early am on Saturday and lasted until Sunday evening.  He seemed to not have any other symptoms other than fever, but it still worried me.  I kept him home from school on Monday, and after he was fever free for 24 hours, he was able to go back on Tuesday.  Now he seems to have a cough and runny nose without the fever.  I'm just praying he gets all the way better soon!  And that Caleb doesn't get it either.  So far, so good with Caleb.  So, we missed Ethan's soccer game on Saturday due to him being sick.  Hopefully we'll get to attend this coming weekend's game.  Scott is not feeling the greatest tonight, so I hope he's not getting the same thing Ethan had.  The H1N1 Flu has already made it's appearance heavily in schools around here and in our church.  It's kind of a scary thing!

We stayed home from church tonight and just had a low key family evening.  Here are a few pics of my happy boys.  Ethan is wearing his new eye patch with Dash on it, from The Incredibles.  He's almost to 20/20 in his right eye!  Hopefully in another 2 months we can cut the patch wearing time down!  That's all I have time for tonight.  Got to get to bed myself!

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