Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Christmas Yearly Update

Merry Christmas 2011 from the Brisken Family!
Dear family and friends,

It’s hard to believe that last year at this time we were anxiously awaiting the birth of our little girl.  We welcomed Alaina Grace Brisken on January 31st, and she weighed 6 lbs 9 oz and was 19 ¼ inches long.  It’s amazing how a little girl can just wrap you around her little finger from the start!  Right now, she just turned 10 months old and is into everything!  She is a very fast crawler, pulling up on things but not yet taking any steps, but that doesn’t stop her curiosity.  She is much more “into things” than the boys ever were at this age.  All of her activities of opening drawers, pulling picture frames off the shelves, and climbing the stairs keep us constantly on our toes!  But she is just as sweet as she is curious.  Her big bright smile that she freely gives most anyone she meets just melts our hearts and confirms to us how God had a plan all along for her to complete our family.  Her big brothers adore her and are such great helpers.  It has been so sweet to see their relationship with her grow throughout this year.

Ethan turned 7 years old in February and is a second grader this year.  He continues to have an excitement for life and activities that keep him busier and busier!  He played Upward Soccer for the 4th year in a row, continues to sing in the kid’s choir and attend Mission Friends at church every Wednesday night, and is a part of the Math Magicians Club at school this year, which he enjoys very much.  Another highlight of his year was being baptized on September 11th at church.  We are also so proud of Ethan for receiving straight A’s at school all throughout 1st grade and for the beginning of 2nd grade too!  Even more exciting to us is that he received the Character Award 2 times in 1st grade last school year, and also for the first 9 weeks of 2nd grade this school year.  We are happy that he shows his caring characteristics and spirit at school, just as he does at home.  He is such a great big brother to Caleb and Alaina.

Caleb turned 5 years old in August and is in kindergarten this year.  It is his first time attending all day school every day.  It has been a bit of an adjustment for him at first to get used to the new schedule and demands of school, but he has been adjusting well the last couple months.  He is quickly picking up learning how to read and sound out words, and is particularly excited that he can read things on signs when we are out and about.  Caleb played Upward Soccer for the first time this Fall and did very well also!  He also decided to participate in Wednesday night church activities this year, singing in the 5 year old choir and attending Mission Friends, which Daddy and Mommy are the teachers for this year.  Caleb continues to enjoy working on his art projects cutting, pasting, and coloring.  Caleb has gotten the chance this year to be a big brother for the first time to Alaina, and has done very well in his new role.    

Scott and Jill continued their same work outside the home, Scott in sales at BMC Select in Charlotte and Jill in accounting at Wolverine Coatings in Spartanburg.  They are both extremely thankful to have good jobs that they enjoy.  Our family was fortunate to take several trips this year, to Surfside Beach in June with Scott’s parents, to Ohio for the Watson family reunion in July, to Williamsburg, Virginia to visit with Jill’s family in the summer and at Thanksgiving, and Jill and Alaina to Baltimore, Maryland for Jill’s sister Megan’s baby shower in November.  We are excited to welcome a new nephew sometime in December, Megan and Mike’s first baby.  We are continually appreciative of our families’ involvements in our kids’ lives – Jill’s Mom and Scott’s Mom helping to watch the kids throughout the weekdays while Jill works part time.  The schedule is a bit trickier and seems 10 times busier with 3 children now, especially with 2 in all day school and all the homework and activities that come with that, and a new baby to adjust to.  But we’ve almost made it through our first year as a family of five, and it sure has flown by!

We hope to take time this Christmas to slow down just a bit, and spend time with our family, and remember the One to whom we are the most thankful to . . . Jesus.  It is all about Him and we pray that you will take time with each of your families to reflect on the birth of our Lord and Savior this season.

With Love,

Scott, Jill, Ethan, Caleb, & Alaina Brisken

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