Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apple Farms

This week Ethan got to visit two apple farms in two days! He went on a field trip with his class on Monday to one and Grandpa Bailey got to go along with him as his chaperone, since Scott and I both had to work. I think they had a fun time, although he only came home with a pumpkin and no apples like we thought he would! So, I think my Mom got in the mood for apples since Ethan and my Dad didn't bring any home from their trip. So, on Tuesday, my Mom, Dad, Ethan, and Caleb took a trip to another apple farm my Mom had been wanting to visit in the area. From the pictures, it looks like they all had a nice time together too! And my Mom came home with plenty of apples, so the trip must've been a success!

These are some pictures my Dad took of Ethan and his classmates on his field trip on Monday. The one in the lower left corner is of Ethan and his teacher, Mrs. Hodge.

And here are some pictures of the trip to the second apple farm with my parents. As you can see, Ethan loves eating apples. He had to try to convince Caleb that they were good. I don't know if Caleb was as sure as Ethan!
I thought these were great pics of the boys with my Dad and Mom.
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  1. aww I love all the pictures! The one of Ethan trying to convince Caleb to eat the apple is my favorite! Mike and I are going camping this weekend for his birthday, so seeing all the pictures of outdoor fun makes me even more excited : )