Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bubbles and Bikes

The boys and I had a fun day together on Tuesday, my day off this week. We stuck around the house, since Caleb's speech evaluator from the county was coming to the house at 11 am. We enjoyed blowing bubbles outside and riding bikes for a little while outside before she came. The evaluation was different than I thought it would be, as she mainly talked to me and filled out paperwork from my answers to what Caleb could and couldn't do. We should know the results sometime this week from the evaluation, as to whether Caleb will qualify for speech services from the county or not. My gut feeling is that he may not qualify, because most of the things she asked me, Caleb could do. Of course the only thing I answered no to were a lot of the communicating questions, which was the main reason I had him evaluated anyway. I figure it couldn't hurt to get him tested, and if he does qualify, then that will be some extra help we can get for him for free. So, we will see what we find out soon!

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