Saturday, November 7, 2009

5th Goal to End Upward Soccer Season


 Today was the last game of Ethan's Upward Soccer Season.  We had beautiful weather for the game, which was great, since a lot of the games this season were in the rain.  Ethan had a great time as usual, and even scored 2 goals!  (See the video below of his last goal for the season).  This makes a total of 5 for the whole season.  He really enjoyed himself this year, and gained a lot of skills on the field this year, such as dribbling the ball down the field with control, going after the ball without fear, passing the ball to teammates, and shooting the ball into the goal.  He told us today that he wanted to play soccer every year that he could play.  Looks like he's found a sport he really loves!  There was an awards ceremony this afternoon and each kid got a trophy engraved with their name on it, along with their team name and an Upward Soccer ball.  It's been a fun season and we'll look forward to next year!  Caleb will be old enough to play next year, so we'll see if he's interested then!  This season, he pretty much just enjoyed the playground, although he could be caught passing the soccer ball back and forth on the sidelines with Daddy or Grandpa from time to time too.  :-)

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  1. yay Ethan!! That was so awesome him dribbling the ball and making a goal! How exciting!!