Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caleb's Dream Story

Translation of Video:
Jill - So you’re going to tell me a story about your dream?

Caleb – (3 ½ years old)
When the balloons went down
Oh Mommy I guess I need to tell you a little story because this one is a little bit hard.

When the guy, When one balloon popped and they blowed the other one, then I come back down and I goed in the street, then when the car comes over here, I make sure to get on the sidewalk really quick. 

Then I go to a different place called the big school where Ethan goes, and the same name was there, and there was Elijah there, and Elijah had shoes where it had lots of different colors on them.  Then we were painting on the hands, black and red and blue.  Then when we was time to go, we watch them little bit, then you come over to the school and pick me up, and then I got a chocolate, and a new pencil, and I’m probably going to get two new ones, one for me, one for Ethan, one for Mommy, and one for Daddy, all of us could have one. 

Oh I forgot the God.  And the God and the Dad trying to make me have a Jesus, then I was riding on a horse, then he forced me back to Caleb. 

Then the Jesus, God, Mommy and then the God, Mommy and he was coming there and see you, then your made me turn into a baby, and made Daddy turn into a little baby, and you probably turn into a little baby. 

Then you probably making a really soft bed, like this. 

Hold on, Mommy, you have to show it on the picture.

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  1. Thanks for sharing his dream story. Wow, he definitely has a lot to say!! Your interpretation was definitely needed! Thanks for blogging, Jill, I really miss you guys so it helps me keep up. I KNOW I need to do a better job with it :)....even though my life isn't quite as exciting without two boys!!