Saturday, June 12, 2010

In Preparation

In preparation for making room for baby # 3, we have decided to bunk the boys' twin beds, move the toys shelves from the toy room into their bedroom, and make the toy room into the baby room.  We still have one room, our bonus room over the garage, that we could technically make into a bedroom, but for now while the boys are still young, we still want to keep that as our guest/exercise room.  Plus, the boys like sharing a room, from what they tell us when we've threatened to separate them for behavior reasons! :-)  So, this is forcing us to do a much needed toy pare down . . . Scott was in the mood to organize and get things done today (a man after my own heart!), so when I woke up from one of my many naps today, which I can't seem to get enough of lately, I found this in the boys' room . . .

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