Saturday, August 21, 2010

16 Weeks Pregnant

I'm 16 weeks pregnant!  Only 4 more weeks until we find out if we're having a boy or a girl.  We are excited to find out!  I'm not feeling sick anymore and am having more energy (at least until the 3rd trimester hits probably).  Now, my blood pressure is just giving me trouble again, but only when I'm at the doctor's office.  The 24 hour protein urine tests have begun (I had to do those while pregnant with Ethan too, and they are a pain)!  What is it about February babies and my blood pressure?  I wish I could calm my mind enough to get a good reading while at the appointments.  At least the readings are good at home for now.  Here's hoping and praying all stays good!

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  1. wow you look great jill! so happy and beautiful! thank you for our happy anniversary wish. sorry i missed your call!