Monday, August 16, 2010

Ethan's 1st Day of 1st Grade

Ethan started 1st Grade today!  I was so nervous for him starting, as there was no one from his class last year in his new class this year.  I did a lot of crying yesterday (partly pregnancy hormones I suppose), and also a lot of praying.  For some reason it seemed harder for me to think about him starting 1st Grade this year than it did for Kindergarten last year.  Ethan said he had a great day and that he made all new friends since he didn't know anyone!  He even got to see one of his best friends from last year out on the playground, so that helped make his day.  He said he had a fun teacher and that the day went by quickly, so that is a good sign.  Plus he got to go to P.E. which always makes him happy!  I am starting a new work schedule as of this week too.  I will drop Ethan off at school (before 7:30, since the bell rings at 7:30 which still is way, way, WAY TOO EARLY in my opinion for school to start:-), then I will go into work and work until 2:00 pm and go and pick Ethan up from school.  Ethan said he wants me to pick him up every day, so I told him I would do my best to do so.  I will also be picking up Caleb from school at that same time since Caleb starts 4K at the same school next Monday.  Then there's helping with homework time (which took about a little over an hour today on the first day of school!  First grade is serious stuff!!!), then I will probably end up having to log onto work at night at home to finish up some work from my day job.  But it is worth it to be there for my kiddos in the afternoons!  I love being able to be involved with my kids lives, even though I do have to still work 30 hours a week at an outside job also.  I am very thankful for the flexibility I have!  I can't believe the summer flew by already.  Here's to a great new school year!

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