Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Caleb's Skylander Birthday Party

Caleb wanted to have a Skylander Birthday Party this year with his friends.  Since his birthday is the only one of our children's that is in the summer time, we try to take advantage of the nice weather and have his birthday parties at home outside.  It always saves a lot of money to not have it at a secondary location, but it is definitely a lot more work on our parts!  I got some ideas from different websites for decorations.  If you don't know, Skylanders is a Wii game that Caleb loves playing.  You put the different characters on a portal of power and they go into the game and earn powers and such.  There are different elements they have to conquer and restore in the Wii game, like water, air, earth, fire.  The symbols on the balloons represent the different elements.

We always incorporate some sort of water fun into his birthday party, and the blow up water slide we had gotten last summer was still working, so we used that . . . plus Caleb made another water slide out of our regular playground slide . . . and Scott rigged up a water hose attached to our trampoline to make water jumping fun too!

We also had some Skylander party games for the kids to enjoy, put together and planned by me . . . and led at the party by Scott.  (I'm the planner, he's the implementer!)

All in all, the party was a success, and Caleb had a great time!  To see any more pics, click on the "Brisken Bunch" link on the side.
(*Small Disclaimer - I started this post back at the beginning of September . . . finding it hard to blog lately because of our busy school schedule and soccer season.  More next time!)


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