Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just something about blogs . . .

How is it possible AGAIN that another month has passed by?  It was mid February the last time I blogged, and now it is mid March.  Time continues to fly!  I really have missed blogging lately.  I feel like I'm one of few people that probably still blogs, with the ease of Facebook many people just keep updated with each other on there . . . which I enjoy doing also.  But, I don't know, there's just something about blogs that I really enjoy.  I enjoy reading my friend's happenings and I really enjoy writing myself about my happenings.  I love looking back through my blog and seeing my thoughts and memories unfold in the day to day life that is mine over the years.  So, if anyone else still enjoys blogs like me, let me know!  Just curious . . .

So, we FINALLY got SNOW!  We thought maybe another winter would come and go here without any snow, but thankfully we had a really good snow.  It was on a Saturday that Scott and I were scheduled to go out with our Life Group from church for a couples' date night, and we had soooo been looking forward to it. It looked like it may not happen, but we did get to go thanks to my parents-in-laws still agreeing to come and watch the kids for us.  So, it ended up being a perfect Saturday, getting to see our kids enjoy the snow and getting to go out on a date!  :-)

 Much of our last month has been taken up with Upward Basketball.  The boys are playing on the Cowboys team this year and are really enjoying playing basketball on a team for the first time.  They had been playing a lot with friends in the neighborhood, so I really encouraged them to try it.  They were hesitant at first about whether they would like it, but they both really, really love it so I'm glad we encouraged them to play.  It's fun getting to see another sport besides soccer this year.  They both seem to have a good amount of talent, in my opinion, for basketball too.

And Alaina's been a good sport to go along to all the basketball games.  She tried to get in on the "picture taking" action with the ipod too!
Until my next moment to blog!

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