Thursday, June 13, 2013

Second week of swimming lessons

We are in our second week of swimming lessons this year for Caleb (year 5) and Alaina (year 1). I allowed Ethan to graduate finally after 5 or 6 years, I can’t even remember . . . he’s a good swimmer though now! Both Caleb and Alaina are doing well.

Caleb learned how to dive off the diving board, through the hula hoop today. He said it helped him to “aim” into the water right through the hoop, and it really did. So proud of him!

Alaina seems to really have the “closing her mouth and holding her breath” thing down! She just hangs out floating on the water with her head in, not really moving her arms or legs much. It’s kind of funny. She does kick when we go to our neighborhood pool, so she must just be a little overwhelmed at the lessons with all the children and all she is doing. She is floating on her back some too. I’m happy that she is just getting an introduction to the water and not being afraid to put her head in. This will be a good start for her for years to come.

And Ethan has enjoyed getting to go along this week (last week he had basketball camp), and play in the pool with friends and “hang out”! He’s a good big brother to encourage his little sis too, when she’s a little scared. :-)

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