Monday, August 23, 2010

Caleb's 1st Day of 4K

Caleb was not that excited to go to 4K today, and didn't really want me to take his 1st Day of School traditional pictures, but this is what I got!  I think he is going to have fun and like it eventually, I hope!  The program he is in is run by the state, so they had to test to get into the program and there were only a limited number of places.  I was happy he got in, with having such a late summer birthday because we think it will definitely help us make the decision better next year on whether to start him as a kindergartner as the youngest in his class, or wait until the following year to start.  His 4th birthday is not until next Monday, August 30th, which is 2 days away from the cutoff date of Sept. 1st here.

Caleb finally gave me a smile when his friend, Elijah, got in the picture with him!

And here's a little blast from the past.  The below pic is of Caleb on his first day of 4K (today) and Ethan on his first day of 4K (2 years ago).  Can you tell the difference in personalities of our boys?  And they are wearing the same shirt to start 4K, which wasn't planned.  Interesting!

After I got Caleb to school, he did much better than I expected.  He has always had a hard time separating from us when we leave him places, like Sunday School class at church, and normally screams loud as we leave, but then calms down.  Today at 4K though, he was pretty quiet, and I stayed with him in the classroom while he got started on his first coloring activity.  I waited until most of the other parents had left before I walked out, because I knew he would need one of his teachers to be available to come over and sit with him when I left.  He started softly crying a little as I left, but his teacher came over and started asking him about his picture, so he was just rubbing his eyes when I went out the door.  No loud screaming today, praise the Lord!  I am about to go pick him and Ethan up together from their first day at the same school together.  Hopefully I'll hear that Caleb had a great day!  I'll upload a few more pics that I got of Caleb sitting in his classroom from my phone later on too.

Oh, and after Ethan's first full week of 1st grade last week, when asked what he liked best about 1st grade so far, he replied, "All of it!"  We are so thankful for a great start to the new year for him.  He stayed on great behavior all week, so we hope this is the beginning of a focused year at school for him.  We are proud of our first grader, Ethan!

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