Sunday, October 5, 2008

Around the House this Week

Here are a few pictures of my guys around the house this week.

Scott, Ethan, and Caleb coloring Star Wars pictures at the kitchen table. (I think Scott might've had just as much, if not more fun doing these than the boys! :-)

Scott and Ethan chilling out in the green lazy boy chair!

Caleb cheesing for the camera with his baby boy baby doll. This was the boy baby doll I got for Ethan before I had Caleb to get him used to preparing for being a big brother. Caleb has been taking care of this baby lately, putting him to sleep, putting his paci in, covering him with his blanket, etc. It's cute! Does this mean it's time to have another baby so Caleb can be a big brother too?? We'll see . . . that is still undecided as of yet by Caleb and Ethan's parents. :-)
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  1. Hi Jill! We haven't talked for a while! Let's do that soon. Love, stacy

  2. Scott looks like he's having lots of fun in that pic.:-)