Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vangsnes Brothers at Crossfire

Last summer, there was an accident in Montana involving 3 brothers, the Vangsnes brothers, and one of their friends.  They were there on a summer mission trip.  These brothers are cousins of a friend of ours in our Sunday School Class.  I also think that the brothers' parents attend our church, although I don't know them personally.  Through updates from our friend in Sunday School and the church, we have been praying for this family, since this accident occurred.  Last fall, two of the brothers told their story at the youth service in the Hangar on a Wednesday night.  I was not able to attend the service, but the link to the service was posted on our church website.  I was told by many people to go and watch the service, but for some reason or another, I never made it a priority to do so.  Then today, I saw an article in the paper about a local woman donating her wheelchair accessible van to the Vangsnes family to be used by the third brother to go to his doctor appointments.  I went back and found the link to the video of the service and watched it tonight.  If you make the time to watch this video (it will take about an hour of your time), you will be thankful that you did.  I wish I would've watched it back when it first happened.  But I'm certain that God is continuing to use this brothers' story even now, and perhaps one of my blog readers needs to see this video at this time, which is why I am posting it.    

Special -- Vangnses Brothers Speak at Crossfire (Wednesday, November 4, 2009) from Josh Kuhn on Vimeo.

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