Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Fitness Goal

If any of my readers have noticed, I haven't been doing as many running workouts lately. After I ran my 5K in June, I really wanted to continue running and train for another race. But with the summer being so hot, it had been hard to be motivated to run in the heat, so I basically hadn't been doing much consistently. Well, now it is getting a little cooler out in the evening, so I have been considering starting up again. However, we really don't have any extra money to put towards race entries at this time, so without a race to train for, it is hard for me to stay motivated. I don't really love running that much. So, I decided my new fitness goal is to walk a total of 6 miles a week. It's not extreme, but it's better than nothing. So far, I've walked 4 this week. So, this is my new fitness goal, and I'm sticking to it for now!

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